918kiss report

There are many advantages to join and play in Kiss compared to other online casinos. Some of them such as high winning odds in most of the games, the app supports Android and iOS system, free credits and Kiss test ID given upon registration, wide variety of games to play with and etc. Besides many people join as players in Kiss, there are also many of them join as agents.

The agents will utilize the Kiss Kiosk to manage their accounts which is different from the players. Since there are still many people asking about the procedure to become an agent. We will share out the procedure here to clear the all the doubts and questions.

Just go to the Kiss site instead of Kiss Kiosk site and look for the live chat team support. They can be found in the bottom right section of the site. They are 24 hours available to assist you. Let them know your interest in becoming an agent. You just need to give them your basic information including your contact number as well.

After that just wait for them to process the application for you. They will contact you to provide you your agent id and password. It is as simple as that. The processing time is pretty short as well. There is actually a big professional team behind the agent application process to support and fasten the application process.

After becoming an agent, you can start your business immediately. Now you can log in to your account through the Kiss Kiosk. As an agent, you will be in charge of a few tasks:. There are many people like to join as an agent in Kiss kiosk because it is really an easy task for them and can earn quite some money at the same time.

Here are some of the reasons why people choose to be a Kiss agent:. Due to there are plenty of advantages that Kiss kiosk can offer compared to other online casinos, it is pretty easy for agents to intro the app to potential new players. Hence, the agent does not need to spend much time to persuade people to play in Kiss. There are some cases, where potential players will look for the agents to help them create accounts and play in Kiss.

This cases rarely happen when you are the agent for other online casinos. Another great advantage of becoming an agent is the flexible working time. Basically, you can work anywhere and anytime. There is totally no restriction on that. As long you have your mobile phone with you all the time and connected to the internet. Many agents are enjoying the flexibility at the moment as there are not many jobs out there has this kind of flexibility.

You can even decide whether you want to work part-time or full-time agent as well.

918kiss report

As there are some agents have other work to busy with, this flexibility actually gives them the freedom to allocate their time to work on their agent tasks. As we all know, it is not an easy task to set up own business in this era.

We often require capital, skillset, and networking as well in order to start up own business. Other than that, we still need to evaluate the risk of our business. Hence, there are many people still prefer to be an employee rather start up their own business. Now, the opportunity of becoming your own boss is here. By becoming an agent, you can always make it become your business. You do not need any capital to become an agent.I bet most of you who read this Kiss login article are online casino players.

Be it full-time, part-time, professional or amateur online casino players, all players love to get the reward. Some of the online casinos are really stingy in rewarding their clients, but this never happens to Kiss.

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Many of the clients do not know how to claim the reward. However, it is a must for them to learn it as this is the bonus for everyone.

You must feel weird that why would an online casino allow the clients to claim the bonus, right. In fact, this is the way Kiss appreciate the clients.

They are never stingy in giving the big reward to the client. So, since Kiss wants the clients to have the rewards, you must learn how to get it. There are many ways for you to claim the reward, be it new clients or existing clients. For new clients, the reward is always the greatest as the joining bonus stand the highest percentage of all.

To claim the joining bonus, you have to register yourself as the member of Kiss. Registration is easy, you just have to fill in your name, identity card numbers, bank details and so on. After your registration completes, you have to contact the admin and claim your bonus. For your information, the joining bonus can be as high as 50 credits. There is no other term and condition to get it.

As long as you are new to Kiss, you are totally eligible to claim it. If you yet to download Kiss, hurry up and get it! Other than joining bonus, there are many other bonuses available from time to time.

918kiss report

The most common bonus available is the deposit bonus. The deposit bonus is basically top up bonus. You will get up to 30 percent for every top up. However, this bonus percentage is changing from time to time but the maximum is 30 percent.

Some of the clients will catch this golden opportunity to top up as much as possible. So when the chance is here, they will grab it. According to Kiss record, the highest top up record is RM 10, This client claimed his top up bonus RM immediately. For your information, you may use this bonus in any of the Kiss online casino game.

Besides, Kiss login bonus is also available at random chance. Login bonus means that you will get a certain amount of money after a successful login. There is no official report about the probability of getting this login bonus. Some of the clients get it a few times along the years they play Kiss but some never get it. Next to login bonus is the winning bonus. Winning bonus is also no record in the chance of getting it. Some of the clients post in the forum and claim they win more than what they suppose to win.

They speculate that this is the bonus provide exclusively by Kiss to reward the clients. No one will know when it is coming and the moment they knew it is the time they win. Some of you might question about the validity of these statements.

918kiss report

Some of you might worry about what to do if fail to get the bonus as per promised.The fun and clean interface experience make it easy to choose different games and find out what you are best at to win. This keeps people coming back for more as the fun experience is truely amazing. There is a lot of company doing scam out there.

We provide refund protection up to RM10, which is to protect the customer. So, you are safe when play with the company in trusted zone. Choose one of the company from trusted zone to register your game id.

In the trusted zone, you will get free refund protection up to RM10, You can play the game with risk-free. Do not play with no trusted company, even they provide a good bonus you should not try to play with it. Trusted Company can ensure you able to Cuci your fund back. We will also welcome you to introduce the trusted company to us.

After review, we will list them on trusted zone. The review are done by monthly which help to protect players rights. Help to let more player know who the scam company and we will list those company on scammer zone.

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918kiss report

Register for free and use the Loading Speed Monitor from SEO Site Checkup Toolbox today and get valuable insights on how much time your customers need to wait until they see your page. You will need to have an Android or Apple phone with internet connection to be able to download Kiss. Download the Original kiss apk game. Create My Free Account. Remove Ads. Common SEO issues.Can we receive kiss free credit with no deposit? These are the questions commonly asked by Malaysian and Singapore gamblers.

Given the popularity of kiss, it is not surprising that we have received so many enquiries regarding this issue. To be honest, we receive enquiries related to kiss free credit almost every day.

To avoid replying to the above-mentioned question repeatedly and individually inwe decided to write this piece of article to address the issue. In the next section, we are going to list out all the frequently asked questions regarding free credit kiss today and we would provide the answers subsequently. Players can receive free credits for real; however, it has always been doubted by critics. The free credit ranged from RM to RM88, There were 5 top prizes, and obviously, the top prize was a gift of RM88, free credit.

This was the first free credit event hosted by kiss since its inception. Just like the previous event mentioned above, kiss free credit new member is always a seasonal event. In Junewe have launched a campaign to reward new members with free credit. After successful through our website, the free bonuses were directly deposited into the new accounts and punters can use the bonus to bet on slot games.

Interestingly, the number of registrations hit a record high in that day, with close to members signed up in a single day. It is impossible to hack kiss because of its ultra-layer cyber security system. We have brought up the issue in our previous post. In fact, many online hackers see this as an opportunity to insert a virus into your mobile phones, and subsequently, steal your personal information.

Therefore, we strongly urge the readers not to fall for the tricks again. Since it is unable to hack kiss, we strongly advise the public to claim free bonuses during the seasonal events. Skip to content.

Table of Contents.The number of inquiries spiked recently after we released our new line of promotions. Unfortunately for our loyal players, we are unable to release the Kiss PC Download links just yet.

It is not because we do not want to. It is simply because we are not ready just yet. We currently cater to the mobile player base, on both iOS and Android devices. However, the desktop computer versions are proving to be a bit more challenging. The main challenges involve the huge amounts of coding involve as well as migrating all the necessary data from the servers onto the Kiss PC Download version.

We have made some progress in terms of the coding but occasional bugs and errors do crop up from time to time. As a result, most of our progress on the Kiss PC Download links has suffered. Nevertheless, we at Kiss are consistently striving to deliver high quality service and user experience to all our players. We regret to inform that the Kiss PC Download links will not be available in the near future.

However, rest assured that we do intend to release the PC version at a later date. We cannot put a definite timeline yet. Moreover, we will continue to provide updates on the Kiss PC Download links on a more regular basis. We at Kiss understand all your frustration and stress due to the unavailability of the Kiss PC Download links.

This is a mere temporary setback. We definitely intend to release a genuine PC version of the Kiss Online Casino sometime in the future. So, is there an alternative method to play the Kiss on your desktop computer? Well, you are in a luck. The answer is a big YES!However, despite similarities from one site to the next, there is often an immense variety in most online casino sites.

This has become one of the go-to sites for ambitious Malaysia,Singapore,Thailand,Indonesia online slots games.

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For many Malaysia,Singapore,Thailand,Indonesia gamers, it's the ideal place to start for online slots gaming. It has become one of the most commonly used online casinos in the country and is arguably one of the best online casino sites around. With a very impressive layout and a stylish interface, it is easy to use for both newbies and veterans. More importantly, it's very easy to enjoy. The interactive interface and the ease of use makes it easily one of the best places to start your gaming adventure out on.

The online casino itself might be more familiar to you by its previous name, which was SCR This has been changed, and the online casino has gone through quite the rebrand in a short space of time. The kiss product has the most popular online casino in Asia. As for how many products it has launched? It has developed products including Mega and Pussy, Xe88, kiss2 ,Scr etc. You'll have to provide some basic details to log in, and this will mean creating an account with a username and password.

Creating that login is extremely easy and gives you more or less total access to their entire gaming catalogue.

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There are many slots gamers and table gamers which are being provided on this particular website. One thing that you will find is that it works with two major suppliers in the industry: Real Time Gaming.

Both are well-known brands in the global slot machine industry, so you can be confident that their games are modern, reliable and, above all, fair. If you worry that you might be getting into a online slots gaming experience that is one-sided, fear not.

So, you don't need to worry about the game being "against you" or making it impossible to win. The majority of the games that you will find on here are going to be based on slots and table gaming, though.

And more! There are many games to pick from, so you should have little problem finding a game to play. You can also pick up everything from Texas Hold'em Poker to Pontoon and other classics like Blackjack. The company that operates this group is fully licensed and holds legitimate licensing for both the online casino and all its software present online. With bit encryption, too, you can feel more than satisfied that all your data is safe and secure.

As far as security goes, they do everything you would expect. The customer support team, too, are excellent. Yes, you should. It's become one of the premium names not only in kissmalay. With more then just the general cadre of slots games to pick from, you will get a much wider gaming experience than some of its competitors.

Fast, simple, friendly and secure - User experience - this is really a online casino that meets the modern standards you expect. Be sure to try it out for yourself if you are looking for a new online casino home.

With such variety and with a great gaming library to pick from, you will never get bored of their selection.

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Everyone is qualified to be a kiss agent, no need to meet any conditions, only need strong capital, but you need to find the closest agent to apply for a proxy user kiosk. APK Android.